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low smoke without halogen falm

Halogen free low smoke flame retardant tape

high toughness and flame retardant fire isolation layer cabie's fire isolation layer meets fire layer and turn into metal oxide and crystallization water , metal oxide decompose and form a net structure which has certain adsorption . Crystallization water not only plays a  significant role in the settlement of smoke particles , but also has a better heat absorption effect . In addition , it can be formed into carbonization structure in the combustion process , the carbide layer plays a huge role in low smoke flame retardant cable , endothermic action delay cable itself beginning burning rate and sharply rising time , because the carbonation structure formation , which has been an  obstacle to the oxygen supply and flow of a combustible gas , thus resist the burning of cable


Describtion Model specification
Halogen free low smoke flame retardant tape ZR ZR Width: 20mm25mm30mm35mm40mm45mm
I.D. :53mm